Treatment Time Frame & Conditions Treated:

“Homeopathy treats all symptoms that reflect derangement in our natural health, vitality, and resiliency. It can be used from childbirth to death. It works on the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit, from the most mundane to the deepest levels of expression. Homeopathy does not mask symptoms or push them back into the organism. It stimulates the system to throw the symptoms out, and redress what is out of balance.” A. Wauters

When a person who comes to me is matched to a curative remedy it is not only the original reason – a health complaint often – that gets addressed with Homeopathy but also an overall healing response occurs. See About Laura  and in my Posts as my personal story gives a feel of what can be achieved.

Time Frame for Treatment:

If you have a long standing situation or a predisposition due to family or inherited susceptibility then seeing results often takes a bit longer than one would understandably want, but at the same time the possibilities are well worth the wait. Naturally, the type of illness or health matter also determines length of time until deep healing can begin and improvement gets to a point of being the best result possible that one can achieve with Homeopathy. More or less, I find that it is helpful to have a Homeopath, like myself, for life – in order not to have a view to only fixing your problem, but to work towards balance for yourself (and the whole family) so as to be preventative in nature over the course of your whole life.



Types of Conditions Treated:

Having said that, Homeopathy certainly does treat your health complaint and I try to match you to a remedy(ies) that generates overall well being but that has an affinity to the organ system or area of the body or type of trauma and possible imbalances rooted there so as to get you feeling better. All kinds of disorders and problems do well with Homeopathic treatment: inflammation based illnesses be they in the digestive tract, sinuses or joints for example through to mental/emotional illnesses; autoimmune disorders and also endocrine based problems. At times I will advise in the areas of nutrition and life style if the aetiology or the maintaining cause of the problem can be helped in this manner. If seen as necessary I also refer out to established and results orientated practitioners that are appropriate for the condition/problems experienced.

The Time Frame & the Condition:

The time frame, when coming with a particular health issue – physical thru to mental/emotional – is usually about 1 to 3 years. With some individuals, I find working for 3 to 4 years necessary to really get to the root of things and have the innate healing mechanism kick in – so, one’s Vital Force (our term for life giving spirit/energetic body, etc.). Initially in treatment visits every 4 to 6 wks is best suited to moving forward then later on I see people just a few times within each year. After general improvement and the issue resolved they are happy to move on and integrate their changes. Although I might not see them again for a while they know that the door is always open to them (and they may return at a later date just needing a “tune up”)….it all depends on what the initial issue was. Note- counselling services can be provided if support for integration and making changes are necessary (Laura has a BSW and experience in counselling/facilitating life changes to meet new goals). Please inquire about this service/rates charged.

Some Important Details:

Quick Educational on our view of Health and Disease. The aim is to have the remedies do the work at first because often initially yourself – the organism – is often too exhausted with illness to do much other than manage the imbalance and counter it (one has symptoms that are often there to ward off deeper illness)…but, coping and compensation – be it mentally or physically or both – can only do so much. This is when we often see patients, who come to Homeopathy once they have exhausted other modalities and/or conventional interventions. Of course, this has to be taken into account as sometimes the symptoms are side-effects from this, but again, we can work with that in many cases and help with the effects. Also, of note, you can stay on medications as well and do Homeopathy as a compliment to conventional treatment.

“…a lasting cure can only take place if the most deeply disturbed level in the hierarchy of symptoms is cured first.” F. Debats

The Steps you will go through with Laura, your Homeopath:

1)      Email me via “Contact” & we can set up a “Free 15 Minute Consult”.

2)      Initial “Intake of Case” – 2 to 2.5 hours

Note- on Children’s & Teens Appointments: 1 to 1.5 hrs. with a separate discussion on the phone with parents/caregivers to get background prior to or after meeting with the patient.

3)      Remedy prescribed, picked up/mailed (this will be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks since the “Intake”). And you take the remedy (just one dose taken once, usually at bedtime after getting remedy).

4)      Then we “watch and wait” with you taking note of your experiences mentally, emotionally and physically to be followed by the “Initial Follow-up Appointment”. Usually it is about 3 weeks after dosing the remedy. The Appointment is 1.5 to 2 hours.

5)      Afterwards we work in partnership & meet anywhere from another 4 to 10 Appointments in the span of the next approximately 12 to 24 months. These Appointments are usually anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Note- The type of problem and duration of having the problem determines the number of  necessary visits for treatment. See above information.

6)      Sometimes reports are done over the phone/emails in between In-person Appointments (Skype Appointments can be a substitute for In-persons) and this keeps communication going to ensure movement or progress in a beneficial manner.

7) A note about Counselling with Laura: to be provided upon request based on the work of Peter Chappell in his work, Emotional Healing with Homeopathy (2003). See in particular Chapter 2, ‘Trauma’ and the passages on ‘Healing’: “To resolve deep traumas requires accuracy in addressing the core problems, and the persistence over months and years in many cases. It also requires the development of new core process, a new way of functioning, if subsequent traumas are to be processed rather than accumulated again. It needs support in developing ways of expressing anger, fear, and grief at the time of events, rather incarnating them.” (p. 27) Usually work of this nature is after at least one year of experiencing a shift with the help of a Homeopathic remedy.