Getting Started & Fees

On Payment: Payment can be by Interact e-Transfer or by cheque.

If you have insurance that can cover Homeopathy the use of the receipt that is issued at time of Appointment(s) can be used for your submission to your health insurer. Many companies are now insuring due to regulation in Ontario, as for other areas of the country or in the States please inquire on the status.

Cancellation Fees only applicable if less than 24 hours are given as notice of cancellation and the amount is 25% of cost to be paid at time of rescheduling.

Sliding Scale Rates Available:  I will hold a new spot a few times yearly through my subsidy program for individuals or families marginalized by poverty. Those that pay the full amount are subsidizing this program. Thank you for this opportunity to work with all that seek out Homeopathy.

Note – the option to make partial payments is also available for those in need of this financially (i.e., 2 or 3 payments for Intake or Follow-up Appointments).