Laura’s Services for Healers:


My services range from tutoring to preceptoring and, of course, being your Homeopath.

Why should You see me as Your Homeopath?

My style and prescribing as a practitioner is something quite unique, yet strongly based on the work of our modern masters, such as Jan Scholten pictured here at seminar in North America. My practice style is one that I am sure you will find helpful to grow and learn from…and, naturally, improve your health and well being. I use modern methodologies of Homeopathy with Element Theory and the Plant System of Jan Scholten as my main foundation, but also I am influenced in my clinical work by Louis Klein, Massimo Mangialavori, Rajan Sankaran, Melissa Assilem, Peter Tumminello, Michal Yakir and many others that I believe are expanding and enriching the Homeopathic Materia Medica as well as the context of prescribing. I aim to go to the deepest level of the patient’s case by determining if their problem (and solution to it) is one that stems from a state that is ancestral, familial or based on their life history or a situational one. As a basis I also use the Chakra System to see where traumas suffered are creating excess or deficiency mentally, emotionally and physically and, thus, prescribe based on this as a diagnostic tool and at times for remedy selection as well.

“The chief complaint is the microcosm of the…vital sensation and energy [of the case]…and having touched this most central point right at the outset, one can see the rest of the case branching from this core.” Rajan Sankaran, The Sensation in Homeopathy

How else can I get a sense of Laura’s style & what she is about?

See Laura’s blog: http://overflowingvessel.blogspot.ca/, written for other Homeopaths.

See Laura’s print cases in the profession’s journals – under Resources.

Contact me on any of the services below so we can discuss your needs & then we’ll go from there to see if there is a match!

  1. Homeopathy: Ironically we Homeopaths can suffer from ailments and dis-ease just as much as anyone coming to see us. It is nothing to be ashamed about, but rather, a source of pride and a wonderful strength in so many ways to seek out help with what we know and love, Homeopathy. Just like I have my own Homeopath, you too can have one for yourself and move to a deeper place of healing than if you do not already use our wonderful remedies (or self-prescribe – IMO: only so far you can go with that – we all need the impetus from outside observer to see your progress at times and to go the extra mile). If you have ever thought about who would be ideal for “taking your case” and treating you? why not act on the thought now and do something towards experiencing profound change from within (and feel fully healthy). Other healers, especially, Homeopaths and Naturopaths are admittedly a challenge, but I have worked with a few that have or are benefiting from seeing me and I would be glad to talk with you on what drawbacks and what benefits there are for you to see a colleague (based on my experience with my Homeopath and other inputs). Please feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss on what you wish to see happen for your health and healing. In fact, I would greatly be honoured to hear from you.
  2. Tutoring: One-on-one or a small Study Group format are ideally suited to learn catered to your own learning style. I have facilitated groups and love teaching so as to incorporate the questions to generate dialogue on the topic as we go along. There can be just 1 session or learning can be set up as a series exploring related topics. I am always up for an Introduction to a whole System/Method or a Whole Family of Remedies, but can have learning be based on clinical work and spread out to incorporate the integration of new knowledge into your practice.
  3. Preceptorship: Have Laura sit in for your Intakes or you with her patients. Discuss and work on cases together to learn on practical matters from intake, analysis through to second prescriptions. Write up cases jointly for publication if there are good results. All this can be done by Skype and/or in person.
  4. Case Analysis: Working on cases or one case where you would like to have a new perspective on the patient and suggestions for a framework to view the case is the best gift you can give yourself (and your patients). Get direction on what Remedy Families to start your search with, for instance and get a head start when going in circles. Even what to look for as to a consideration of the “problem in the case”, or as Hahnemann told us to always ask: “What is to be cured?”. It can only be helpful and in the end a huge learning – as I have experienced myself – to get another Homeopaths viewpoint. I will share resources with you as well and we can have fun too! Nothing to lose and everything to gain, especially for patients cases that you have been meaning to re-visit or want to move from a good opening remedy to a deeper one but need assistance as you are “too close to the case” after a couple or few years working with them.


What are some topics for Tutoring?

Be it a Study Group or just for you, I would be glad to share on topics such as these:
1. Melissa Assilem’s Matridonal Rxs and the Lac Remedies of Hatherly. Also Tinus Smits Universal Layers. Harry van der Zee’s Birth Trauma work as well and others that are helping manifest or re-birth patients young and old.

2. Jan Scholten Element Theory: Periodic Table for Prescribing for all Kingdoms, Mineral, Plant, Animal and Nosodes, Imponderables, Fungi.

3. Plant System of Jan Scholten (bonus of Michal Yakir’s Table of Plants) – all within an Evolutionary Framework based on Psychological Developmental from Jung to Erikson and the placement of patients within the cultural context of the human species.

4. Chakra Prescribing with works of Ambika Wauters (Colour Rxs) , Grahame Martin (New Materia Medica, UK Meditative Provings) and Peter Tumminello (Gemstones).

5. Mixed Bag of M.M./Remedy Families with Emphasis on Kingdoms & Miasms with the greats that I love: Louis Klein, Massimo Mangialovori, Jan Scholten, Ian Watson, Rajan Sankaran and others (From Cave to Computer, ask on this one!)…ps – the photo of R. Sankaran and myself was in Toronto at a great seminar.

6. Resource and Information Sharing – what is out there? So much, but sometimes paring down to the core to get the nuggets: my speciality as I have read nearly everybody and everything, no joke! So, ask on this and will cater to your needs at this time in your practice/study.

RATES: To be discussed. “Sliding scale fees” available for students of Homeopathy.