Welcome! from Laura Coramai, Homeopath & Counsellor

Everyone can benefit from working in partnership with a Homeopath at different stages of their life. I come with 10 years clinical experience and continued advanced studies that are helpful for all ages of people in my practice. Homeopathy is unique as a holistic system of medicine in its ability to stimulate the innate healing mechanism of the body, psyche and soul of individuals. With longstanding, recurrent or even acute illnesses the detective-like work of an experienced Homeopath can really dig into the root causes and help clear up some of the reasons that health issues arose in the first place.


Homeopathy is well suited to address distressing mental/emotional and behavioural concerns, even spiritual angst or a feeling of stuckness in life, along with the physical pathologies of modern times. We see people being brought into balance so as to experience more vitality and a more meaningful and richer life. This can be achieved with patience and compassion (by your Homeopath and with yourself)…with gentle nudges (from energetic Homeopathic remedies), and in truly remarkable ways (that shift people on all levels of their existence). I believe that you will find the individualizing care of Homeopathy a very unique experience and a valued part of your life long healing. It certainly has me always amazed with what I experience as both a patient and as a caregiver using Homeopathy.

Enjoy reading further and I will look forward to hearing from you to work together towards health, happiness, and creative changes for a better quality life.

Best regards,
Laura Coramai, BA, BSW, RSHOM (NA), Toronto Canada